What can the color of woman’s eyes tell about a her? Part 2! (Brown, hazel, green and more)


Most people are used to the idea that eye color is an ordinary phenomenon in genetics, but physiognomy has a different opinion on this matter. Hazel, brown, blue, gray, or green – find out what your eyes can tell about you.

1. Green eyes

Green eyes are a sign of tenderness and devotion. Girls with such eyes love sincerely and unselfishly.
Holders of green eyes are decisive in business. Such people are always sympathetic to, because they, as a rule, are naturally gifted with charisma.

Yuliya, 35
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2. Brown eyes
Brown-eyed girls are naturally very attractive, witty, and have great sensuality. This type of woman is extremely temperamental and very hot-tempered. However, they easily forget grievances. Their disadvantage is their capricious character. According to astrologers, people with brown eyes have a sociable character and easily converge with other people.

Yuliya, 32
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Here is more specific eye colors:

Hazel eyes

Owners of this eye color are dreamy in nature, love solitude, and are very shy. They are pragmatists by nature. Also, they are not able to let anyone down and you can always rely on them. At the same time, they do not tolerate any pressure on themselves. According to astrologers, people with this eye color are very impressionable and can take the wrongs inflicted on them to heart.

Ekaterina, 29
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Gray-green eyes or Gray-blue eyes

eyes directly indicate that you have a pragmatic nature in front of you, which stands with two feet on the ground. They have well-developed intuition and empathy.
The owners of gray-blue eyes. However, they tend to be sentimental. Their character is unpredictable, and they easily succumb to their whims.

Irina, 24
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Tiger eyes with a yellow tint

This rare eye color is inherent in girls with unusual talents. They are very artistic and creative. If you have nothing wrong with your mind, then it will be nice to have a relationship with such a girl.

Yuliya, 36
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