Chewing Gum – more than 100 years together

Hey everyone! A question for you: how often do you chew a bubble gum? Every day, several times a day? Or it became an everyday routine that you never care about it. However, did you ever wonder who the inventor of first chewing gum was? How it was invented? How long do we use this “sweet-and-need”? Then it’s time to know more about it, because on September, 23 the first chewing gum was invented. It was 165 years ago. Quite fine for the invention that is thought to be modern. » Read more..

September 22 – OneWebDay

Do you use the Internet?  Why do you use it? How often? Is it useful or not? What can you do with the help of Internet? Online shopping, learning foreign languages, finding new meetings? Searching for your gorgeous Russian bride? But however that may be, there is no doubt that the Internet had become a necessary part in people’s everyday life. That’s a necessary and important enough thing to have its own day for celebration. It is September 22, and it is an annual day of Internet celebration called OneWebDay. » Read more..

Munich Oktoberfest-2013 – Beer Paradise

Hey everyone! Do you think beer is all a man needs? Don’t see your life without this drink? If so, you should go out and visit Munich right away. Munich Oktoberfest-2013 has started today!

Oktoberfest, or Munich Beer fest, is considered to be one of the biggest beer events. Most likely, it is the largest fair in the world. The annual number of Oktoberfest’ attendant is approximately six million people. The Oktoberfest is every year overcrowded by fest goers. The fest is believed to be an important integral part of either German or Bavarian culture.

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The Cannes International Film Festival

Hi all! Today is 20th of September, and it is a prominent date for the history of the world cinematography. More than 60 years ago, on September 20th, 1946, the first Cannes Film Festival was opened. How was this beginning, what were the reasons for its organizing, what is Palme d’Or and what’s this have to do with Hitler? All of this and more you can find out below.


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Worth seeing: the best Zoo in Ukraine!

What could be more relaxing than having a weekend trip to the zoo? Especially if we add that it’s about the best zoo in Ukraine and one of the best zoos in Europe? It is definitely worth seeing, isn’t it? So when planning your tour of Ukraine, you shall ask your beloved Russian bride to accompany you through this zoo trip. And besides, it is considered to be one of the best places to make open-air photo sessions. So stand by to having a great time! » Read more..

National Cheeseburger Day

Hi all! Today is September 18 and today National Cheeseburger Day is celebrated on. National Cheeseburger Day? Oh, yeah!!!! Really, cheeseburger, one of the most favorite world’s foods, is worthy its own day! Do you enjoy making cheeseburgers at home with your homemade sauce smoked in? Or you prefer to try it in your city’s burger restaurants? Anyway, America is a place where you can find really the best ones. » Read more..

Happy Constitution Day and Citizenship Day in United States!

Double celebration always means double joy, doesn’t it? Today there is much to celebrate for the Americans. Each year, on September 17, the citizens of the UAS celebrate Constitution Day and Citizenship Day.  This day is significant for those who have become US citizens and for those who are taking steps to. This day the words “We the People” are deemed to be of significant importance and symbolize unity of the whole nation. » Read more..

Memorabilia from Ukraine: what to bring

When it comes to preserving the memories of numerous vacations and trips, you may have a problem – how to remember and to preserve as much memories as you can. Different souvenirs gear comprehensively to address such problems. You want to bring back a small souvenir to remind yourself of the cool times you had in your trips. These souvenirs can be tacky or tasteful, funny and serious, come in all sizes and kinds. They often just collect the dust in your houses, but what a wonderful veil of memories (been there – done that)! » Read more..

Crimea Velvet Beer Festival-2013

This weekend was rich in cultural events for the South of Ukraine. Some cities celebrated their anniversaries; among them are Mykolaiv, Dnipropetrovsk, and Kerch. Koktebel International Jazz Fest is staying on. One of the most colorful and prominent events, that took place (oh! I mean started) at this weekend, was Crimea Velvet Beer Festival-2013.

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Mykolaiv – the city of brides

The famous city of Ukrainian brides celebrates its 224th anniversary! Congratulations!

On September 14 the city of Mykolaiv marks the occasion of its 224th anniversary. This city is considered to be a major shipbuilding center in southern Ukraine with the population of about 500,000 people. The 4-century saint and Greek bishop Saint Nicholas is believed to be the patron saint of Mykolaiv; the name of the city is closely connected with this Orthodox saint.

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