The Questions You Should Discuss

At the beginning of relationship your future after the wedding with your beloved looks serene and happy. But some problems may appear even at the first year of your life together. If some of them are insignificant, the others may destroy your marriage. So you’d better take an advantage of Online Datings like Step2Love and discuss some important questions before you will have the disputes with your future spouse because of them. » Read more..

The most exotic must-sees in the Crimea

Nestled in the south of Ukraine, between the Black and Azov Seas, the Crimea is famous for its mountains, beaches, resorts and sightseeing. The stone beaches and exotic subtropical nature in Crimea make this peninsula the real earthly paradise. But the Crimea is a wonderful area with the lots of spots to see as well as its beaches and resorts. So if you have some time, you’ll be seriously impressed with the wonderful sights and the top exotic places that the Crimea has to offer. » Read more..

Must See Places in Ukraine: Crimea

Looking for new experiences on a tour during your vacation to the Ukraine? You get this chance! The answer is simple: Crimea. The fascinating nature, beautiful Crimean Mountains, small cozy cafes and, of course, magic south sea are just the tip of the iceberg called Crimea. There you can relax and forget about everything while enjoying the power of nature. » Read more..

The World Whale And Dolphin Day: Safe The Marine Mammals

Since his appearance on the Earth human race used natural resources and exterminated plants and animals without any control or anxiety. This way led us to say consequences: nowadays our planet is not so wonderful as it was even a hundred years ago. During this time people destroyed a lot of wonderful corners of the Earth and were instrumental in disappearance of many different types of plants and animals. » Read more..

Do You Have A Reason To Smile? Smile Anyway!

Smile is the most simple emotion to recognition so even infants react to mother’s smile since the first days. And scientists can offer you some reasons why you need to smile more often, like ladies on Step2Love do it.

Even if you’re in a bad mood, smile will make you happy

» Read more..

Top 5 most romantic places in Ukraine

Looking for a little romance to your travel life? Ukraine is a country that is especially famous for its romantic landscapes and fantastic views. What could be more romantic than a whole park, built as a gift of loving man? What could be more breathtaking than a fairy Tunnel of Love? Go in a great getaway weekend and make sure in it. But let’s get to know with must-sees in their proper order, ok? » Read more..

Do You Have Your Warm Memories About Summer Ukraine?

Summer Ukraine is an amazing place: soft climate of the Northern and Western Ukraine let you enjoy a pleasant warm weather and hot sunny days in the Southern Ukraine invite you to spend all day long on the beach. Traditionally Ukrainian ladies spend their holidays on the seashore, so if you still look for a good place to spend your vacation with your special lady, you may take your decision with Step2Love! » Read more..

How To Play Catch Up With Your Time?

It is genuinely agreed that nowadays people need to do the same things more and more quickly than earlier. Our life becomes faster and new tasks and goals appear every day. So from time to time you start to ponder about how to do everything you have planned during the time you have. » Read more..

Places to See In Ukraine: The National Reserve Khortitsa

Do you know, that Khortitsa Island, which is situated in the big industrial city Zaporozhya, is  considered to be one of the Ukrainian wonders?

In the river  Dnieper there is not the island equal to Khortitsa in size (it’s the greatest width is 2,5 km, length is 12,5 km), neither of beauty or the value of natural and historic monuments.  The name of the island is associated with the Horse – the Sun God of Slavs, and the Turkic “ort” – middle, located in the middle. » Read more..

National Peach Ice Cream Day

OK, now this is getting rather hot, isn’t it? Today is 17th of July and it’s National Peach Ice Cream Day.  Peachy ice cream is the way to make a day. You can enjoy it in a cocktail, in ice cream soda, on peach pie or simply as is. Cozy in a rocking-chair with your favorite summer dessert or parfait, savour your peach ice cream in such a peachy keen day. » Read more..