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Nataliya 26 years old Ukraine Nikolaev


Ukraine, Nikolaev

Age: 26 years old

Star sign: Libra

Photo Album: 5 photo

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Happy couple USA

David with Valeria

Hello to everyone! Don’t tell it to my wife, but honestly I wasn’t looking for something serious, I’ve joined this site because wanted to meet a sexy lady from Ukraine. But do you know what? I am a married man now, and my wife Valeria is the most beautiful and intelligent woman in Ukraine! You may be interested why I’ve changed my mind? The answer is simple – a good woman changes everything in man’s life and makes him happy! » Read more..

Rushnyk as a symbol of Ukrainian soul and mastery of Ukrainian women

Rushnyk as a symbol of Ukrainian soul and mastery of Ukrainian women-3

Rushnyk is a highly decorated traditional Ukrainian, Russian and Belarusian towel with ornamental patterns. The word “rushnyk” comes from the word “ruka” which means “hand”.
Rusnyk is not just an embroidered towel, it is a symbol of Ukraine which connects people with their ancestors, protect and preserves them! Every rushnyk is like a novel about life, nature, people and traditions. Rushnyk was used as a ward, a traditional part of every rite and as a house decoration. » Read more..

Beware of Redhead!


You meet them not so often, but when you see them… you can’t pass through such a beauty! Who is redheaded lady for you? Is it embodiment of fire and passion or it’s just color of hair?
When lady has natural red hair color and white marble skin – it looks so elegant and noble!

Such a breathtaking beauty you can’t forget! Sometime they have sunspots that shows you how much sun loves that lady! Redhead ladies looks like a piece of sun, like bright ray, like fire in a dark night!

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It had passed one year since I’m here in America


It had passed one year since I’m here in America. So following to proverb ” It’s time to gather stones” , I can probably look around and say what really I did and got during my staying in another country.

Surely I can say that this first year wasn’t really easy. It compared with the tree which was growing many years in one ground but then was transferred to another. Sometimes you feel sad because you had left your Motherland, parents, friends, usual work; sometimes your depressed, sometimes you don’t understand human mentality and surrounding world. » Read more..

Runaway Bride: Marriage by Abduction in Ancient and Contemporary Slavic World

Runaway Russian bride_Marriage by Abduction in Ancient and Contemporary Slavic World

Bride kidnapping or marriage by abduction is a practice throughout history and around the world in which a man abducts the woman he wants to marry. Today bride kidnapping is only a cheerful ritual at the all Slavic weddings but not everybody knows that tradition of stealing a future bride has the ancient roots. » Read more..

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Olga 23 years old Ukraine Mariupol


Ukraine, Mariupol

Age: 23 years old

Star sign: Scorpio

Photo Album: 9 photo

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Ukrainian Wedding Songs for Rituals, Humor and More

Ukrainian Wedding Songs-1

Ukrainian wedding is not only the colorful and bright family holiday but also a ritual action which means revival and a new life of two people. Nowadays people have a lot of choices how to celebrate their wedding, but in ancient Ukraine there were a lot of regulations and customs which had to be considered during the wedding.
Songs were one of the most important things on the traditional Ukrainian wedding. Wedding songs accompanied and explained every stage of the celebration. » Read more..

10 Common Russian Women’s Names: Meanings and Affectionate Forms

10 Common Rrussian Women names-Darya-1

Russian names are very popular all over the world because they sound tender and extraordinary and have very interesting meanings. So, what are the most common Russian women’s names? According to the last research, the most popular Russian names are Anna, Anastasia, Darya, Ekaterina, Maria, Natalya, Sofia, Yuliya, Olga, Elena. » Read more..

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Ukraine, Nikolaev

Age: 26 years old

Star sign: Cancer

Photo Album: 8 photo

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