Coffee Fest – September 2013

Can you remember the last time when started your day without daily cup of coffee? Do you need a caffeine fix in the morning to get you moving? Prefer Coffee Ice Cream or gourmet coffee drinks instead of plain ice cream or tea? You are true coffee fan and information below may be useful for you. And you have the chance to combine the useful with the pleasant and get wants and needs met. Coffee Fest! Just in September! So what about inviting your gorgeous Ukrainian bride to Coffee Fest and enjoying your favorite drink? » Read more..

Ukrainian wreath: old tradition, modern trend

The Ukrainian customs and traditions are undoubtedly very spectacular and impressive. One of such traditions is wearing the wreath, the vinok in Ukrainian. It is the essential component of modern folk or even wedding dressing, the last modern trend. But it rooted in ancient, pre-Christian times, when its wearing had the significant own meaning and served as the status marker of the girl. » Read more..

Ukrainian wedding bread.

It is the union of two beloved hearts, which beat as one. It binds soul to soul with but a single thought. Yes, the wedding! Actually, a wedding that takes place in Ukraine involves different traditional ceremonies and rites. All weddings should reflect the personality and character of the groom and bride, but the customs and traditions exist.  And next comes about one of the most ancient wedding ritual things. It’s all about korovai, traditional wedding bread.

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Ukrainian Wedding: customs and traditions

The autumn coming soon is considered “wedding season” in Ukraine. And, as every wedding season, it has its own rules and traditions. Actually, Ukrainian wedding traditions are ancient, rooted in history and are not quite the West same. So, if you are one of those who are already dreaming about their wedding plans or if you are dating a gorgeous Ukrainian lady and thinking about your future intentions, further piece of information should be useful for you.

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Top Ukraine traditional foods

If you would like to know better either your gorgeous Ukrainian lady or the culture and traditions of her native country, actually, there is nothing better than to come up with foods. It’s the cornerstone of the culture, the very primal stuff of the human understanding. You are what you eat, you know it. So, for achieving the set task, first ask yourself, what Ukraine traditional foods do you know? And if there should be not an unqualified answer, well, it could probably be useful to inform.

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Lovely Coral Necklace

It is quite impossible to imagine Ukrainian lady without her beautiful adornments and ladies from Step2Love also like them very much. Let’s talk today about one of the most ancient Ukrainian ornaments – beautiful red coral necklace.

Red color of different decorations always was very popular in Ukraine. This color that symbolize blood, life, kin and also sincere love and passion, is found on ancient and modern Ukrainian clothes, decorative and everyday towels, crockery, house decoration and different other things. Probably this love to the red color made red coral necklace a national ornament of Ukrainian ladies.

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What Do You Choose, Coffee or Tea?

These delicious hot drinks with their amazing flavor were always surrounded by elusive romance. Someone prefers only coffee; the others drink only tea. But the most of people like both these drinks. And what about you? What do you prefer, coffee or tea?


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The Most Beautiful Ukrainian Fountains

Probably August will be the hottest month of this summer in Ukraine. In such sunny and torrid days people often look for some coolness in the shadows of the trees or near the fountains. So let’s talk about the most famous and beautiful fountains that you may find in Ukraine.


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Indescribable Ukrainian Mountains

Cannot you wait to visit Crimea, this enchanting peninsula? Want you to explore historical monuments and beautiful sights? Would you like to climb the breathtaking mountains of Ukraine? They are as beautiful and gorgeous as the Ukrainian ladies. Don’t you get to know them all? So you are welcome!

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How to make iced coffee perfectly

“Coffee smells like freshly ground heaven”
Jesse Jane Addams

Have you already got used to a hot cup of coffee? But what should we do with it when it is extremely hot outside? The decision is iced coffee. And it is not an ordinary cup of coffee filled with ice. If we do that the flavor becomes diluted and the coffee won’t be so cold as it has to be. We will now see how to make iced coffee perfectly! But you have to be patient, it is not as fast as usual coffee 😉 » Read more..