First Woman in Space: Russian astronaut Valentina Tereshkova

First Woman in Space Russian astronaut Valentina Tereshkova-1

I bet you know that Russian women are not only beautiful and good-natured, but also very hard-working, determined and brave! Valentina Tereshkova is one the brightest example of Russian women, who work hard to make their dreams come true. She was born in poor village Maslennikovo, her father died in the war and her mother raised three children by herself.

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What is Matryoshka doll?

Matryoshka Doll-symbol of Russian brides-1

Some information about the symbol of Russian brides
Have you ever heard about Matryoshka doll, one of the symbols of Russia and Russian folk art? The unusual painted wooden dolls appeared not in ancient times as many people think, but in the late XIX century, a period of rapid economic and cultural development. The author of the first sketchers of Matryoshka, S.V.Malyutin(1859-1937) was one of the active founders and promoters of “Russian style”, a movement for the revival and development of Russian traditions. » Read more..

Gentleman Prefer Blondes

Irina 25 years old Ukraine Sevastopol

Have you ever heard such a quote that “Gentleman prefer blondes”? You probably know from which “blond girl” it had started! Marilyn Monroe!

She was the first one who have stolen hearts of all men in the world and now ladies all over the world want to do the same. Slavic ladies are not exception!

Blondes are easy-going and funny – that’s opinion of men! Or maybe it’s just because they look like angles who lost their wings? Nobody knows, but who can resist that?
If we are living once so why not to have fun? Let your life shine in a patch of light hair of Slavic Blond Lady!

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Special Lady this Week

Nataliya, 21years old, Ukraine


Ukraine, Belaya Tserkov

Age: 21 years old

Star sign: Gemini

Photo Album: 5 photo

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Ukrainian cuisine Restaurant Dumplings

Ukrainian cuisine Restaurant "Dumplings"

Ukrainian cuisine Restaurant “Dumplings” carefully preserves the best traditions of Ukrainian hospitality and creates a wonderful atmosphere of warmth and comfort, to be enjoyed by each of our visitors. Here you will find a variety of Ukrainian home cooking, dwelling decorated in the best Ukrainian traditions.

Restaurant “Dumplings” is located in the heart of Nikolaev.

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Maslenitsa: choose a Russian bride by her pancakes

Maslenitsa Customs and Traditions-1

Do you like pancakes? And how about eating pancakes for a whole week?
With Maslenitsa (Russian Shrovetide) you may have not only tasty pancakes, but seven days fun and a chance to meet your Russian bride.
Maslenitsa comes from the ancient pagan holiday of seeing off winter and meeting spring which has remained in Slavic world even after the adoption of Christianity in the 10th century. In According to the Orthodox Church, the period of carnival week is called The Cheese Week and is dedicated to the reconciliation with others, forgiveness and preparing for Lent. » Read more..

Special Lady this Week

Sasha, 23years old, Ukraine


Ukraine, Mariupol

Age: 23 years old

Star sign: Capricorn

Photo Album: 8 photo

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Don’t forget to congratulate your Russian bride with International Women’s Day on March, 8th!

International Women’s Day on March, 8th - 1

How often women hear compliments that they are unique, gorgeous, intelligent, wise and fabulous? Not as often as it should be. That is why women have created the special holiday–International Women’s Day, which makes every woman feel young, beautiful, gorgeous and loved!
International Women’s Day is celebrated on the 8th of March and means a lot for Slavic women. It’s a public holiday in the post-Soviet countries and symbolizes the beginning of spring. » Read more..

«Tifliz» Restaurant – Little Miracle in the Center of Vinnitsa

«Tifliz» Restaurant – Little Miracle in the Center of Vinnitsa!

Where to go in Vinnitsa to have a great time and delicious meal? Do you want to have a pleasant conversation with your family or friends while drinking a glass of wine in a nice Georgian restaurant?

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We invite you to visit the pearl of Belaya Tserkov – Alexandria park .

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Landscape park “Alexandria” is located in the ancient city of Belaya Tserkov, along with a charming river Ros.

It is one of the largest parks in Ukraine and has a territory of 400 hectares.

The park was established over 200 years ago by the family of the landowner, Count Francis Xavier Branicki, as a matter of family pride. » Read more..