Special Lady this Week

Elena 28 years old Ukraine Nikolaev


Ukraine, Nikolaev

Age: 28 years old

Star sign: Taurus

Photo Album: 9 photo

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We invite you to hotel & restaurant complex “KHUTOR”

we invite you to hotel & restaurant complex “KHUTOR”.

We invite you to take part in the captivating trip into the world of the Ukrainian coloring and folklore – we invite you to hotel & restaurant complex “KHUTOR”. Our complex can be called with right museum where every exhibit tells for sure and with humor about the way of life, preferences and tasts of our glorious forefathers. » Read more..

Russian Names of Slavic Origin: Meanings, Affectionate and Pet Forms


Native Slavic names are very beautiful and sonorous, ancient name as an amulet protect Russian women and have an unusual meaning. So let’s get to know the most popular Russian names of Slavic origin, their meanings, affectionate, pet forms and their influence on a character of your Russian lady. » Read more..

Special Lady this Week

Aleksandra 20 years old Ukraine Kirovograd


Ukraine, Kirovograd

Age: 20 years old

Star sign: Aries

Photo Album: 7 photo

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How to get to know a woman: ask her about her favorite flowers

How to get to know a woman- ask her about her favorite flowers-1

It’s well known that all women love flowers. They represent beauty in a very natural way and make every woman feel special and beautiful. But not everybody knows that flowers may indicate the personality of every woman! So, let’s find out a personality of your Slavic woman by her choice in flowers. » Read more..

Taurus woman is much to be desired!

Taurus woman is much to be desired!

She is funny and happy person. Her round big eyes sparkle with wit and curiosity. You can’t try to remain her unobserved. You must approach and speak to her like the lady she is. The Taurus female is a giver, but she’ll expect a fair reward for her efforts. What she gets, she’ll hold on to. No doubt she is unique lady who likes to learn about your dreams and thoughts. She has fun teasing you and making jokes. If she did something wrong, she won’t hide it from you. And it is one of her best features.
The Taurus woman will enjoy sharing what she has with her partner and will go to extremes to keep that person happy. She is a real treasure! Don’t miss your own Taurus Slavic lady! » Read more..

Flowers and their symbolic meanings

Flowers and their symbolic  meanings

Flowers have always been an important means of communication between men and women. Since ancient times flowers symbolize human feelings: people send flowers instead of letters, give flowers to express love and respect at special events; flowers surround a person from the moment of his birth until death.
So, let’s try to unravel the language of flowers, because only the right flower can show your Russian bride your true feelings. » Read more..

Special Lady this Week

Ilona 18 years old Ukraine Pavlograd


Ukraine, Pavlograd

Age: 18 years old

Star sign: Virgo

Photo Album: 8 photo

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Russian vodka: the origin and interesting facts

Russian vodka and heady Russian girls

Vodka is one of the most famous symbols of the Slavic world, but I’d like to mention that I am not going to promote vodka but want to highlight some interesting facts about this Russian national drink.
Attention: Russian girls in the photos don’t drink vodka, they are just as heady as this drink! » Read more..

Special offer for Easter gifts!

Special offer for Easter gifts!

Easter is not only traditional Orthodox holiday but it is also celebration of the spring. Surprise your Lady with wonderful Ester gifts! GREAT OFFERS FOR ANY GIFT PURCHASE! Buy one gift to your lovely lady and receive FREE bottle of wine to be delivered with your order! Trees start to bloom, the weather is getting warmer and warmer and everybody are waiting impatiently for Easter Sunday – the holiest day of the year, the celebration of the resurrection of Christ. » Read more..