Runaway Bride: Marriage by Abduction in Ancient and Contemporary Slavic World

Runaway Russian bride_Marriage by Abduction in Ancient and Contemporary Slavic World

Bride kidnapping or marriage by abduction is a practice throughout history and around the world in which a man abducts the woman he wants to marry. Today bride kidnapping is only a cheerful ritual at the all Slavic weddings but not everybody knows that tradition of stealing a future bride has the ancient roots. » Read more..

Special Lady this Week

Olga 23 years old Ukraine Mariupol


Ukraine, Mariupol

Age: 23 years old

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Ukrainian Wedding Songs for Rituals, Humor and More

Ukrainian Wedding Songs-1

Ukrainian wedding is not only the colorful and bright family holiday but also a ritual action which means revival and a new life of two people. Nowadays people have a lot of choices how to celebrate their wedding, but in ancient Ukraine there were a lot of regulations and customs which had to be considered during the wedding.
Songs were one of the most important things on the traditional Ukrainian wedding. Wedding songs accompanied and explained every stage of the celebration. » Read more..

10 Common Russian Women’s Names: Meanings and Affectionate Forms

10 Common Rrussian Women names-Darya-1

Russian names are very popular all over the world because they sound tender and extraordinary and have very interesting meanings. So, what are the most common Russian women’s names? According to the last research, the most popular Russian names are Anna, Anastasia, Darya, Ekaterina, Maria, Natalya, Sofia, Yuliya, Olga, Elena. » Read more..

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Ukraine, Nikolaev

Age: 26 years old

Star sign: Cancer

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James Bond prefers brunettes. How about you?


Many men, Many minds! The same story about tastes, especially when you are choosing a lady!

Blonde or brunette? Dilemma all the time! Or not?

Why do men choose brunettes?

Maybe it’s because brunettes are more mature and independent, or because they are more intelligent and serious.
Most of men think that they feel more successful with dark-haired ladies. Apparently James Bond think the same!
How about you? Can you resist with fire that exhale brunettes? Just look at these radiant Slavic ladies! » Read more..

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Ukraine, Nikolaev

Age: 26 years old

Star sign: Libra

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Our happy love story

James and Vika in red

Hi to all searchers for the right person in their life!
I’ve joined this site because of loneliness. My friends thought that I was crazy and desperate but I didn’t listen to them!
To be honest, I didn’t know that women in Ukraine are so attractive; all my ex-girlfriends can’t be compared with them in beauty and charm. » Read more..

First Woman in Space: Russian astronaut Valentina Tereshkova

First Woman in Space Russian astronaut Valentina Tereshkova-1

I bet you know that Russian women are not only beautiful and good-natured, but also very hard-working, determined and brave! Valentina Tereshkova is one the brightest example of Russian women, who work hard to make their dreams come true. She was born in poor village Maslennikovo, her father died in the war and her mother raised three children by herself.

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What is Matryoshka doll?

Matryoshka Doll-symbol of Russian brides-1

Some information about the symbol of Russian brides
Have you ever heard about Matryoshka doll, one of the symbols of Russia and Russian folk art? The unusual painted wooden dolls appeared not in ancient times as many people think, but in the late XIX century, a period of rapid economic and cultural development. The author of the first sketchers of Matryoshka, S.V.Malyutin(1859-1937) was one of the active founders and promoters of “Russian style”, a movement for the revival and development of Russian traditions. » Read more..