Several reasons to marry Slavic lady


Since I’ve been married to American I think about the reason why many Americans want to be married to single Ukrainian and Russian girls.
I can’t be sure for hundred percent but here is my opinion about this topic.
There is no secret that Slavic women are very attractive and beautiful. » Read more..

Note about America

Parrot and Flag

I was born and grew up in Ukraine. But recently I got married and went to America. My husband is an American. So I’ve been living in this country for 10 month already.
For me it was a long story how to get used to living in a new country with its special cultural traditions and customs. » Read more..

Are You Asking, “Why Russian Women?” Here’s Why…

If you’re new to online or international dating, you might wonder why some sites are dedicated to Russian girls. The number one reason is the girls are unlikely to find a husband at home.

Russian women long for love, marriage and a family as much as women in other countries do.

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