Volunter party

Volunter party

On February 17, I was invited by one of my neighbors to be a volunteer on local Fire station, Sugarloaf Fire department . He told that they needed somebody to help them to fry fish for people who’s going to come to the party. They have this party once in year. It’s organized on big open place and takes a lot of preparations before. Fire volunteers install the tent and benches for people, stage for the musicians, big room for donated stuff which some people usually bring from their house and don’t need it anymore. But other people can buy all those things for fun money and happily enjoy with cheapest purchasing they’ve ever had… » Read more..

Meet your Valentina!


According to St. Valentine’s Day we are happy to let you meet stunning Russian ladies who’s name Valentina!
It is of Latin origin, and the meaning of Valentina is “strong, healthy”. They are notable with kind heart and grace to help anytime. Isn’t it remarkable feature for the future wife? Valentina is very involved into her family, she is a woman who will always keep burning the fire.

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Meet the most beautiful ladies from Nikolaev in Shambala – Joy!

Meet the most beautiful ladies from Nikolaev in Shambala - Joy!

Personification of your incredible imagination.
Riot of colors, warm atmosphere and a high quality service undoubtedly would surprise and delight.

Be it in the most unexpected – your wish here to meet VIP level.

Cousin – perfect fantasy and skill of cook.

Will be pleased and picky foodie and
people with a love for ordinary home food.

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Special Lady this Week



Ukraine, Kherson

Age: 22 years old

Star sign: Capricorn

Photo Album: 6 photo

View Ivannas’s Full Profile

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International Day of Marriage Agencies

International Day of Marriage Agencies!

Today all over the world International Day of Marriage Agencies is being celebrated. It was confirmed not so long time ago, on December 1st, 2010. Since that time it is being observed yearly in all the countries where this type of dating is popular: USA, Canada, Russia, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and Ukraine.

Nowadays importance of Marriage and Dating Agencies is obvious. More than 55% of people get acquainted through Internet and we are happy to be the part of it! We are helping thousands of single people all over the world to find true love, to start comminication in spite of distance, to build strong relations and, of course, to get married! » Read more..

Places to see in Ukraine: Crimea

places to see in Ukraine.Crimea

People, who’ve never been in Ukraine, may know only couple of Ukrainian cities: Odessa, Kiev, Chernobyl. But Ukraine has a lot to propose for a demanding traveler: archaeological, rural, eco and ethno tourism, wine tours, yachting, cruising and historical tours.

We would like to introduce you Crimea – the amazing part of Ukraine, where the history meets modernity and every traveler finds his own special place.
I would compare Crimea with a treasure house because you can find here almost everything you need , including beautiful Ukrainian women who look like fairies in the light clothes in summer time. » Read more..

Express your feelings!


February is the most romantic month of the year! It’s time of St. Valentine’s Day celebration! Only one week left to this holiday and people all over the world have already started to think how to make pleasant surprises to each other. We are happy to help you to make the right choice to impress your beloved or future lady of your heart!

If you don’t know your lady so well you can give your admiration through E-card! This service presented on our site especially to help you in this situation. Even little E-card can show your deep feelings and make your beloved smile. Surprise your lady and make the first step!

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Everybody likes party


Everybody likes party…….. I love it here in Keys because there are some opportunities for me to meet new people, having communication with native language carriers and of course get many varieties of delicious food.
I had visited many American’s party and I can note that mostly they were calling is potluck.

If you take a look to Wikipedia you’ll find the determination – A potluck is a gathering of people where each person or group of people may contribute a dish of food prepared by the person or the group of people, to be shared among the group.
But it is very cute thing to get a potluck at any party. » Read more..

Meet the most beautiful ladies from Dnepropetrovsk in Bartolomeo!


Even a quickie look at the photo gallery it is enough to feel the grandeur of Creative Club Bartolomeo, to feel the spirit of journey and the distant of African land, with which the entire space of the Club is filled.
Creative Club Bartolomeo – is the embodiment of a beautiful legend in the great institution.

Anything that can bring peace of mind and harmony all this is in the Creative Club Bartolomeo, the best that can offer clubs of Dnepropetrovsk. » Read more..

Exotic Russian Women

You were always searching for Slavic wife because of special and individual features of character and warm heart, but your imagination pictured exotic and unusual lady? You can meet the woman that you always dream about here! Fascinating exotic Slavic ladies will conquer your heart with mysteriousness and their inner beauty will complete image of ideal wife! » Read more..