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Places-To-Go: Masoch Cafe in Lviv


Ukrainian Lviv is a very beautiful city, this is, probably, a heart of Ukrainian spirit. The best places-to-go here are local cafe and restaurants. They carefully keep special ambiance of Lviv, its ancient history and urban legends, its hospitality and mentality. Ancient music and paintings, medieval recipes and desserts, coffee by special Lviv recipe and many other interesting historical things are preserved here. So if you want to learn this city, to understand its enigmatic soul – visit famous cafes of Lviv! » Read more..

All That Jazz… or How to Pick up a Lady at a Concert

Hello to everyone who is fond of jazz music! Today we celebrate International Jazz Day, and it’s a good way for jazz lovers to promote jazz culture around the world. Various flash mobs, concerts, musical events usually take place today, on the last day of April. Celebrated annually since 2011, International Jazz Day has relatively quickly become extremely popular among people of all ages. Huge jazz fans can enjoy today different jam sessions, open-air concerts of jazz classic masterpieces and its modern arrangements. It’s a good way to find there like-minded individuals, fellow-thinkers or meet your sweetheart ever! What could be better than have a great time listening some of your favorite jazz golden hits? So how will you celebrate International Jazz Day? » Read more..

International Dance Day

or How to Pick Up a Girl in the Dance

Hello to everyone who reads us! Today the whole world celebrates a special date – International Dance Day. Also known as World Dance Day, it has been celebrated since 1982 to emphasize the art of dance, no matter would it Latin, jazz, ballet – classical or contemporary, street, ballroom or pole dancing.  Every year on April 29 millions of dancers celebrate their special day by dancing performances, open-air classes, parades, concerts, flash-mobs and a lot of various events. There you can enjoy the art of dance, this hidden poem of soul and language of perfect bodies – as Friedrich Nietzsche said, “We should consider every day lost on which we haven’t danced at least once”, and it is true! » Read more..

Happy Easter!

Hello and Happy Easter to everyone celebrating this occasion today! This year, the cheerful and blessed day falls on the same date for both Western and Eastern Christians. All the Orthodox Christian churches held the solemn Easter services all the Saturday night long. Ukrainian ladies of all ages spend the whole night in churches while services with vigils, with their Easter food baskets to be blessed and Holy Light to be received. After this ritual people return home to celebrate Easter with meat meals breaking their fast because the Great Lent is already over! » Read more..

Easter Eve, or the Great Sabbath in Ukraine

Hello to everyone! The whole world is ready to meet Easter, the greatest Christian feast, today on Saturday Easter Eve. Easter is at the corner, and preparations are at the full speed. Velykden – that Easter sounds in Ukrainian – means “The Great Day”, and it is really so as for Christians. It is considered to be the most cheerful and festive day for the most of believers. Ukrainian ladies have done all the housework, have cleaned their houses, have baked traditional kulichi and made a lot of various pysanky and krashanky. Easter meal has been cooked in advance, and today all the believers go to churches. » Read more..

Pysanky – Ukrainian Easter Eggs

Hello to everyone here! Good Friday, that commemorates the passion and death of Jesus Christ, is today! Orthodox Christians name this day “Great and Holy Friday”. It is believed in Ukraine, that one must do nothing today but fast and pray only. To the beginning of the Good Friday Ukrainian ladies should finish kulichi baking and, of course, egg painting. In other words, world famous pysankas should be painted till Good Friday. Oh, don’t you know what does pysanka mean? Get ye reading! » Read more..

Ukrainian Easter Bread or Kulich

Hello to everyone! Easter week is already in its midst, and it is Great and Holy Thursday, Covenant Thursday or best known as Maundy Thursday. According to the Bible, it marks the Last Supper of Jesus Christ together with His Apostles. In Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and some other Slavic countries this day is called Clean Thursday, and it is traditionally considered to be the day when people clean up their houses and bodies. » Read more..

Uzhgorod Flower Fairytale

Even if the cherry blossoms bloom,
ours is a world of suffering.
– Issa

Hello to all! Well, now, when spring is continues to soar everywhere, flower blossoming is rather usual thing as well. Fairytale aroma of blossoming bloom spreads over the cities and towns, narrow streets and huge gardens. Ukrainian ladies take amazing photosets against the blossoming branches of white and pale pink petals. This spring bloom is really heart-touching and fantastic, so it is any wonder, then, that a large number of travelers would plan to visit Uzhgorod, Ukraine. Wonder to know why they choose to visit exactly this Ukrainian town? Simple as that, really. They try to spend a couple of days there because of sacura trees blossoming. » Read more..

Venus de Milo – the Ideal Lady

Hello to everyone! Have you ever thought about the ideal lady? What does “ideal” mean for you? Does it come on physical beauty, or are you looking for an individual, vivid person with hobbies, interests and tastes? Would she be cultivated and intelligent, or better look like beauty pageants? Do you know exactly what kind of lady you want? Would your Russian lady be a cooking-and-cleaning expert, well-paid business lady, cheerful and sexy “girl to next door”? But however that may be, there is no doubt that the ancient Greeks and Romans have surely had their ideal lady, the clear example of womanhood at its best. It comes to the Venus de Milo. » Read more..

7th of April – World Health Day!

On the 7th of April we celebrate the World Health Day. So if you want to revise your usual way of life, this is the best date to do it!

If you’d like to improve your health, there is nothing difficult. There are a few rules, following which you will feel yourself much better without reference to your age or chronic deceases. Just make these rules your everyday practice! » Read more..