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National Sacher Torte Day

Hello everyone and a question for you at first! Have you ever heard about Sacher Torte? Have you ever dreamt trying this chocolate delight? So here it comes! Sweet Sacher Torte, a legendary cake of almost aristocratic origin, celebrates its day. The 5th of December is the true holiday for people with a sweet tooth. A thin coating of delicious chocolate that melts in your mouth, two dark-chocolate cakes layered with a tempting apricot jam – that’s all Sacher Torte, that served with some unsweetened whipped cream on the snow-white dessert plate. It seems that you are in a paradise of gourmet. » Read more..

International Hug Day

Hello everyone and here it comes! Free kisses and warm hugs for all and every! Today is International Hug Day, and it’s a perfect chance to enjoy hugging and to hug your sweetheart. Would like to get some extra hugs? It would be amazing! Hugs for all good people, hugs to your family and friends, hugs to familiar and yet unfamiliar persons – no restrictions for hugs today! You are welcome hugging! » Read more..

Make A Gift Day

Hello everyone! December starts, and isn’t much time before Christmas to think about making gifts. Do you like making presents to your friends or family? What kinds of gifts do you prefer to give? Some jewelries, perfumes, gift certificates or eatable things like a box of chocolates or coffee pack? And what about kinds of gifts to get? Electronics things, useful devices, expensive watches, good books or pictures? Do you prefer store-bought presents or spend some time for finding handmade gifts? Today is the 3rd of December, and it’s Make A Gift Day – precisely the right time to think about Christmas gifts! » Read more..

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Hello everyone and Happy Thanksgiving Day! Today we celebrate one of the most popular holidays in the world. It is considered to be a harvest feast and a day of rejoicing the families, friends and love ones together. Share your holiday meal and you feel great because of the spirit of Thanksgiving. Visit your local church; appreciate all the good things which you have throughout your life and thank for all. Be thankful for every good thing in your everyday life – for a charming Russian lady you have met, for the truest friends, for love around you. Be thankful for the sun is shining, the sky is clear, and you live, feel and have your health. Be thankful for meal on your table, for a delicious cup of coffee and for all wonders of the world. Celebrate Thanksgiving Day feeling grateful. » Read more..

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Hello everyone! Thanksgiving is almost before the door, and today once more Thanksgiving tradition should be remembered. On 27th of November, 1924, the first Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade was held in New York City. Nowadays, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is considered to be the most important and popular USA holiday parade. Each year, several million people parade on the streets of the Big Apple City to take part in one of the greatest American public events. » Read more..

Shopping Reminder Day

Hey everyone! How are you doing? What are your plans on this week’ colossal sales? If no, then it’s time to think about it, yet the holiday season is at its hottest. It’s time to shop for the holidays, start choosing presents for your family and friends, making good bargains and picking up wished-for things. Well, today is the 26th of November, and Shopping Reminder Day takes place today! » Read more..

Thanksgiving Traditions,

or What Are You Going To Do This Thanksgiving

Hello everyone! Let us remind you – Thanksgiving Holiday is only several days away, right? Now, what’s the plan for this day? It might be foods and games, traditional sports or outdoor activities, attending your local church for thanking the God or getting ready for Black Friday shopping. Don’t miss the opportunity to make new acquaintances – plus, we have got a Thanksgiving’ surprise! Special Thanksgiving contest on Step2love and a perfect chance to vote for the most popular lady who cooks excellent!  All that really matters is that you should enjoy it. Spirit of Thanksgiving, you see it. » Read more..

World Hello Day

“Hello, is it me you’re looking for…”

Lionel Richie

This word starts almost every our post and this word is one of the most frequently used words in the world. Yo, howdy, hey, hi, how are you, ahoy and many others are used as synonymous for greeting people, but hello is considered one of the most common. “Hola!” In Spanish, “Namaste” in Hindi, “Ni hao” in Mandarin Chinese, “privet” in Russian…yeah, this word is really popular! In fact, we use this word several times a day – for a greeting or for attracting someone’s attention. But have you ever believed that this word was originally used for inciting dogs in the 1800s? I bet you haven’t! Would you like to know more? » Read more..

Beautiful Day

“Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.”

 ― Confucius

Hello everyone! How often do you usually notice the beauty in unexpected things? Do you pick up every small but pretty thing in everyday life? Fun smile in your latte, freckles on the red-haired girl, a fine clear sky of bright colors (in November, yes) – these are the signs of the fact we are born to enjoy life, and feel its blessings. Some beautiful things lay in the surface, some are thoroughly hidden, but we do not even suspect that there is anything the matter around us. Still greater efforts should be made, however, to discover such things, in the most unexpected places. However, the beauty is worth looking for. » Read more..

International Men’s Day

Hello everyone and happy International Men’s Day, all! Today we celebrate this splendid date, you can’t have forgotten it! Are you celebrating this holiday? Step2love salutes every its user, and our gorgeous Ukrainian ladies are always glad to cheer men on not only today, but 365 days in a year! Ladies highly appreciate masculine, non-girlie behavior, so they encourage men to behave in such a way. And International Men’s Day is the perfect opportunity to mark men’s contributions to society life and to pay tribute to those men that have contributed to the creation of better and more comfortable world. » Read more..