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Celebration of St. Valentine’s Day

Celebration of St. Valentine's Day

St. Valentine’s Day has become really popular all over the world, and in all its corners people are ready to spend romantic time together this day and bring pleasant gifts to each other to show how much love they have in their hearts. But how may you spend this thrilling holiday with your partner? » Read more..

Which gift is the best for the Saint Valentine’s Day?

Which gift is the best for the Saint Valentine's Day?

The survey among gorgeous brides from Step2love!

It is so important when you have a special person, with whom you can share all joys, great memories and goals for the future…It is the greatest happiness when you have a beloved by your side and when you know you’ve found the one and only. And there is a wonderful holiday for all loving people all over the world – St. Valentines day! It is actually less then one month left, and it is time to start choosing a gift for your beloved lady and preparing something really unforgettable and unbelievable! But, there are so many things to choose among the presents offered on Step2Love, which one will be the best? » Read more..

New Contest from Step2Love for Valentine’s Day!

New Contest from Step2Love for Valentine's Day!

We are glad to announce you that for the first time, Step2Love holds completely New competition for ladies and for you! This competition is dedicated to the beautiful and romantic upcoming holiday – St. Valentine’s Day! » Read more..

Easter in Ukraine: customs and traditions

Easter in Ukraine customs and traditions-1

Easter is one of the most important holidays in Ukraine. This day every soul is filled with bright joy, happiness and hope. Easter is called Velykden, which means “The Great Day”. The week before Easter Ukrainian ladies are very busy because they need not only to cook a lot of Easter treats but also to make this day special for everybody.
Of course not everybody in Ukraine is religious and fast before Easter, but Easter always means the new beginnings for every Ukrainian. The last Sunday before Easter is called the Willow Sunday (Verbna nedilia). » Read more..

Long Legs as a key to man’s heart.

Ekaterina 22 years old Ukraine Kirovograd

Every man like long female legs!

Have you ever thought about the reason why? Why do they drive crazy so many men?
Especially in spring when everybody start to wear short dresses and skirts you can see all the beauty of women’s legs!

Ladies who are blessed with long legs are always catch the admiring men’s gazes.
We are inviting you to delight in viewing long lean legs of Slavic ladies! » Read more..

Beware of Redhead!


You meet them not so often, but when you see them… you can’t pass through such a beauty! Who is redheaded lady for you? Is it embodiment of fire and passion or it’s just color of hair?
When lady has natural red hair color and white marble skin – it looks so elegant and noble!

Such a breathtaking beauty you can’t forget! Sometime they have sunspots that shows you how much sun loves that lady! Redhead ladies looks like a piece of sun, like bright ray, like fire in a dark night!

» Read more..

James Bond prefers brunettes. How about you?


Many men, Many minds! The same story about tastes, especially when you are choosing a lady!

Blonde or brunette? Dilemma all the time! Or not?

Why do men choose brunettes?

Maybe it’s because brunettes are more mature and independent, or because they are more intelligent and serious.
Most of men think that they feel more successful with dark-haired ladies. Apparently James Bond think the same!
How about you? Can you resist with fire that exhale brunettes? Just look at these radiant Slavic ladies! » Read more..

Gentleman Prefer Blondes

Irina 25 years old Ukraine Sevastopol

Have you ever heard such a quote that “Gentleman prefer blondes”? You probably know from which “blond girl” it had started! Marilyn Monroe!

She was the first one who have stolen hearts of all men in the world and now ladies all over the world want to do the same. Slavic ladies are not exception!

Blondes are easy-going and funny – that’s opinion of men! Or maybe it’s just because they look like angles who lost their wings? Nobody knows, but who can resist that?
If we are living once so why not to have fun? Let your life shine in a patch of light hair of Slavic Blond Lady!

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International Day of Marriage Agencies

International Day of Marriage Agencies!

Today all over the world International Day of Marriage Agencies is being celebrated. It was confirmed not so long time ago, on December 1st, 2010. Since that time it is being observed yearly in all the countries where this type of dating is popular: USA, Canada, Russia, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and Ukraine.

Nowadays importance of Marriage and Dating Agencies is obvious. More than 55% of people get acquainted through Internet and we are happy to be the part of it! We are helping thousands of single people all over the world to find true love, to start comminication in spite of distance, to build strong relations and, of course, to get married! » Read more..

Express your feelings!


February is the most romantic month of the year! It’s time of St. Valentine’s Day celebration! Only one week left to this holiday and people all over the world have already started to think how to make pleasant surprises to each other. We are happy to help you to make the right choice to impress your beloved or future lady of your heart!

If you don’t know your lady so well you can give your admiration through E-card! This service presented on our site especially to help you in this situation. Even little E-card can show your deep feelings and make your beloved smile. Surprise your lady and make the first step!

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