Psychology of Ukrainian Women. What Do Women Want? (Part 3)

Team of one of the best dating site Step2Love was considering mysterious woman’s soul in purpose to find desirable answer for you. First part of this article you can find here, second part – here.
Now is the time for satisfaction of your curiosity. So what is really in woman’s mind when she is in relations with you? What are her thoughts about?

She puts a slightly different meaning in the words

When she is apologizing, she wants to say that your feelings are important to her. That she really cares about you. And when you say “I’m sorry,” you often mean that you will not do it again. And that’s why it’s so hard for you to apologize, but for you lady it’s much easier. After all, she always does care.
Her “left” is, most often, your “right”.
When your woman asks you for a bouquet of flowers or a fur coat, she just wants to feel that she is still important to you. And that is why the most dear gifts to her are those in which love is felt.
When she asks you if you want to eat, your beloved woman has in mind that she is hungry herself. And it would be great to eat now.
When your lady tells you that she is tired, it means that she asks you for help her. Even if the request was not made directly.

Female nature is so strangely arranged. There are a lot of illogical and incomprehensible things in her. But that’s why you love your woman. For the fact that she is Woman. And it is she who can melt your heart with only one smile. It is she who illuminates the whole house with the rays of love and create warmth in it. It’s she whom you are looking for to share your achievements, and to experience with her joy and pride.

She loves you and needs you

She doesn’t always know how to stay a real woman in difficult times. She is irritable, capricious. She depends on the phases of the moon, women’s cycles, the mood of others. She is changeable and unpredictable. And sometimes it’s difficult and even unbearable for your woman.
Excuse your beloved one for this. She does care what you feel. All she needs is your strong male shoulder on which she can let her inner girl to appear outside.
And the most important thing is that your beautiful lady loves you. She can not imagine her life without you. You need her like an air and light. She can fully reveal herself only next to you, as a real Woman.