Postcard Day!

Hi everyone! Well, let’s have a talk about one of the most ancient kinds of collecting as postcards. Do you like it? Do you collect it? Are you fond of postcrossing? And does deltiology mean much for you? If so, today is certainly an important date to mark. Today is Postcard Day! » Read more..

International day of music

Have you ever thought what is the role of the music in our life?… Everyday we do not even notice how much songs are playing around us. There are a lot of lives, families and relationships were built on some romantic song. …Music is everywhere music is in our mind)

Today is the International Music Day! The International Music Day was founded on October 1, 1975 according to UNESCO decision.

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International Translation Day

Hi all! Today is a very special day for interpreters and translators, i.e. those people who make free and direct communication between you and your Russian lady easy and possible. If you are a single, the idea of bringing a gorgeous Russian wife is really appealing. Unfortunately, English skills are not a must in Russia and Ukraine, and translation services are thus necessary. Translator is a necessary means of communication with your Russian lady, especially if you made a choice and now want to visit and see her in person.

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Dating Agencies: How Did It Start

One of the most popular ways to meet a proper partner is online dating with the help of numerous dating agencies. As the Internet became a part of our lives, it’s natural to do more and more using it. It concerns online shopping, booking tickets and hotels, keep in touch with your relatives and friends and, of course, surfing for like-minded people with common interests. Thousands of sites all over the world can help in such catering, and dating agencies help in matchmaking between potential couples play important role in this service sector. And the question arises: “When and where did the first dating agencies appear?”

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National Fishing and Hunting Day

“If it flies it dies; if it hops it drops; if it’s brown, it’s down”.  Sound familiar? Are you fond of fishing? May you be a hunt addict? Do you think that hunting and fishing are delightful in themselves? Is closed season a real tragedy for you and Opening Day is like Christmas? If so, join us in a celebration: 28th of September is known to be National Fishing and Hunting Day! » Read more..

September 27 – World Tourism Day!

Almost everyone likes to travel. It is so amazing to leave your habitual life for several days, to change of scene and to go to discover new cities and countries, new people and customs, new cultures and ways of life! So positive influence of tourism to the social, cultural, economic and political values worldwide is the reason why we  celebrate the World Tourism Day on September 27. » Read more..

Westside Story – The Story about Immortal Love

Every wants love and be loved. Of all happiness and joys the greatest is to be comprehended and to be loved – truly, heartily, and sincerely. Being loved is having a person adore you, whose heart is beating for yourself. This person will be with you every day and love you with all his or her might. All Russian girls dream about this feeling. The famous musical “The Westside Story” is about such love – immortal, faithful, true.


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Odessa – Vivid, Multicultural And Magnificent!

This is one of the most beautiful Ukrainian cities with its special romantic and charming aura. This adorable Ukrainian city is famous in all over the world, probably thanks to its multicultural character: Greeks and Jewish, Italians and Frenches, Albanians and Bulgarians, Moldavians, Armenians, Poles and, of course, Russians and Ukrainians lived in Odessa from its founding days and had a great influence with its politics, society and culture.

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Blacksmith Fest-2013 in Donetsk Forged Figures Park

Festival of Smithcraft was held in Donetsk, Ukraine. Forged Figures Park, one of the local famous sights, hosts wrought iron artists from Ukraine, Russia and Europe. Iron Man, Iron Tower of Pisa and a windmill are presented by their authors and become new exhibit creations for Donetsk Forged Figures Park.

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Chewing Gum – more than 100 years together

Hey everyone! A question for you: how often do you chew a bubble gum? Every day, several times a day? Or it became an everyday routine that you never care about it. However, did you ever wonder who the inventor of first chewing gum was? How it was invented? How long do we use this “sweet-and-need”? Then it’s time to know more about it, because on September, 23 the first chewing gum was invented. It was 165 years ago. Quite fine for the invention that is thought to be modern. » Read more..