12 Interesting Facts about Kisses

One of the proverbs says: “Life is the gift of nature, Love is the gift of life, a Kiss is the gift of Love”. But do we know absolutely everything about kisses? Hope you will like the little known facts about kisses and find the Russian lady whose kisses will be the most desirable for you!


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Funny Ukraine

Hi and greetings to you all! Today we offer you the first of a series of articles “Funny Ukraine”. Ukraine is a country rich not only for either beauty of nature or beauty of wonderful Ukrainian brides, but also in cultural and historical events. We think you’re going to find these facts curious and get an interesting learning experience. And so take the open road!

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Music of Ukraine

Ukraine is proud not only of its magnificent beauty of nature, beautiful Ukrainian ladies, great traditions and customs, but also of its musical heritage. The history of Ukrainian music has ancient roots and traces to the medieval tradition of dumy and byliny (narrative epic and heroic poems). Several Ukrainian folk songs are famous in the world. Would you know more about it?

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International Traffic Lights Day

Have you ever thought about the simple things of everyday life, their history and origin? It’s interesting that when something is so ingrained a part of your life and has been around, we rarely think of it as something that had to be created. Traffic lights, for example. You see it every day; you use it every part of the day, but have you ever wondered why are traffic lights Red, Yellow and Green? Who and when invented the first traffic system? Well, if it is so, you are on the right way. Today is the International Day of the traffic light and you have a very good bet to learn about all these things

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Sofievka – In Memory Of Great Love Story

What could you do in the name of love to your dearest lady from Step2Love? Heroic actions, flowers to her feet, romantic songs under her window, get her a star from the sky as a gift… But the hero of this story presented to his beloved an amazing fairytale from her motherland that came true in Ukraine!

Count Stanisław Potocky, a famous and rich Polish magnate, had extensive estates in Ukraine. Once at the dance he met a smart and wonderful lady, a daughter of a Greek merchant, Sofia Glyavone-Vitt – and fell madly in love with her. He almost lost his head and even didn’t took into account that both of them were married on that moment.

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National Watermelon Day

Hey, tasty fans! Today is the 3rd of August and we are pleased to inform that today is National Watermelon Day! It is the right time of year to get this cool treat. Watermelon is one of the most favorite summer fruits, it is sweet and juicy. It’s not surprising that watermelon is a frequent visitor at picnics and summer cuisine. So if you would like either to indulge yourself with this delicious summer treat for dessert or to celebrate National Watermelon Day, it’s time to run for a ripe heavy watermelon right now! And for a while we in turn offer you some funny facts about watermelon. » Read more..

Romantic Photo-Story Of Your Love

Every lady from Step2Love likes a lot to be photographed. Professional photography saves the most magnificent moments of our life and makes them even more bright and colorful. Lady’s beauty, captivating smile and carefree mood stay on the snapshot as a wonderful butterfly under the glass, forever keeping their charm. So ladies who keep their forms and take care of their appearance, love professional photo sessions very much.

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His Majesty Sandwich

Life is like a sandwich – the more you add to it, the better it becomes.

Hey everybody! The last summer month is coming into its own and we are pleased to declare August as the Sandwich month. Though we celebrate National Sandwich Day in November, 3rd, today we offer learning something new and interesting about such the easiest food treat as sandwich.

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National Raspberry Cake Day

Yum-yum, Raspberry Cake! So tasty and sweet, so delicious is it whether you are eating it with a cup of coffee, with some ice-cream or plain cake! Today we celebrate National Raspberry Cake Day and those who have much of a sweet tooth could enjoy with a piece of new-baked raspberry cake.

There are many amazing versions of raspberry cake to have it. You can use an easy recipe of Raspberry Buttermilk Cake or try your hand at more difficult Downeast Raspberry Cake, rather light and topped with fresh raspberries.

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Marina 26 years old Ukraine Kirovograd – Special Lady this Week

Marina 26 years old Ukraine Kirovograd


Ukraine, Kirovograd

Age: 26 years old

Star sign: Scorpio

Photo Album: 7 photo

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