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Weekly LOVE Horoscope for 23-29 October

The last week of October can bring quite pleasant changes to your personal life. Despite the middle of the autumn you can count on warm evenings in the company of a loved one. The Fire signs get what they wanted for a long time, but for some reason do not know how to handle it. Signs of the Earth have achieved a lot with help of their patience, and can dream of a strong family relationship. There are solid adventures in Air signs’ heads, the work does not bother them. Signs of Water are slightly upset, you have a disappointment in your loved one.
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New Ladies of the Week: Open Your Heart for Unforgettable Emotions

Step2Love wants to bring to your attention our New Ladies of This Week! They are lonely, beautiful and ready to meet their love. Fill the emptiness of their hearts with sincere feelings!

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Awesome Photo Contest – The Halloween Masquerade Ball on Step2Love!

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Halloween is coming! Only for this Mysterious Holiday Step2Love prepared for you Awesome Photo Contest – The Halloween Masquerade Ball!
You will have chance to vote for the most amazing Mystery Lady!
The most amazing, dangerous and mind-blowing ladies invite you to a Masquerade Ball!
Imagine her sweet face under the mask and choose your Magical Queen!
You have 1 Free vote each day! Each subsequent vote costs 0.2 credit.

Look, vote and let the strongest win!

The National Nut Day is knocking into your door! Will you open?

Olesya 36 years old Ukraine Nikolaev

Olesya 36 years old Ukraine Nikolaev

Dietitians keep telling us that nuts are an important part of any appropriate and healthy diet. And they recommend eating them at least from time to time. Our team of Step2Love collected several facts from scientists about the benefits of nuts for men and women.
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Weekly LOVE Horoscope for 16-22 October

The personal life of all Zodiac Signs is still developing with varying degrees of success and requires not only emotions, but also a patience. The result does not depend on you.

The Fire signs get into strange situations, which can cause some concern. The Earth signs have a depressed mood, there is a high possibility of separation with a loved one. The Air signs are too bold, you need to take a break and think about something important for you. The Water signs are completely unpredictable, but so they get ahead of difficult situations as winners.
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Greet NEW Beautiful Sexy Ladies of this Week on Step2Love!

Love at Distance is not easy thing. But you never know where you can find your Destiny. Just try your Luck and and you will see the result. Step2Love will help you with that. Every Week the amount of our Beautiful Sexy Ladies increases! Meet our New Fantastic Girls! They are waiting for You!

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Friday the 13th: Beautiful Sexy Witches Are Waiting for You

Today is Friday the 13th! One of the most eerie days of the year!
Long since this date is considered to be a Witches Day. It is said that on this day, misfortune persecutes ordinary mortals… But if on that day you are lucky, then most likely you have supernatural abilities! Do you want to test this theory? Our Beautiful Sexy Witches will help you with this!
Spend this mysterious eerie evening with our Gorgeous Lonely Ladies on Step2Love.

Be sure, there will be Hot!

Top-5 Rules of Long and Strong Relationships

How to keep brightness, warmth, mutual respect and, most importantly, love in long relationship? Step2Love wants to help you in this important question. We are glad to share with you Top-5 rules that will make your relationship more happier and stronger.
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World Egg Day! Ask Your Slavic Lady about Her Special Egg Dish!

World Egg Day is traditionally celebrated on the second Friday of October. This holiday is known all over the world and gives an opportunity to tell everyone about the benefits of eggs.
Our team enjoys by celebrating every holiday, especially when the holiday is so useful for our clients and influences their health in a good way. We created a special list of reasons why you can’t miss this holiday!
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Weekly LOVE Horoscope for 9-15 October

The week is not the most prosperous and in order not to aggravate the situation, it is better to be quiet and wait. Better to watch the development of events than be in the center of them! All in good time – it should be your motto!
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