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Maslenitsa: choose a Russian bride by her pancakes

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Do you like pancakes? And how about eating pancakes for a whole week?
With Maslenitsa (Russian Shrovetide) you may have not only tasty pancakes, but seven days fun and a chance to meet your Russian bride.
Maslenitsa comes from the ancient pagan holiday of seeing off winter and meeting spring which has remained in Slavic world even after the adoption of Christianity in the 10th century. In According to the Orthodox Church, the period of carnival week is called The Cheese Week and is dedicated to the reconciliation with others, forgiveness and preparing for Lent. » Read more..

Don’t forget to congratulate your Russian bride with International Women’s Day on March, 8th!

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How often women hear compliments that they are unique, gorgeous, intelligent, wise and fabulous? Not as often as it should be. That is why women have created the special holiday–International Women’s Day, which makes every woman feel young, beautiful, gorgeous and loved!
International Women’s Day is celebrated on the 8th of March and means a lot for Slavic women. It’s a public holiday in the post-Soviet countries and symbolizes the beginning of spring. » Read more..

The survey says that Russian women like a good laugh

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What do women want? Not everybody knows the answer, sometimes even a woman doesn’t know what she really wants. It happens not because women are less intelligent than men or have problems with logic. It happens because every woman is unique and all she wants is to be happy. » Read more..

February 23 – The Defender of the Fatherland Day

The Defender of the Fatherland Day

February 23: get ready to have a lot of kisses from Slavic women in The Defender of the Fatherland Day
What is the best way to say our men that we are proud of them? To celebrate a holiday when every man can feel special! Slavic women like to lavish care and love to their beloved and to show him how they appreciate his strength and courage. That is why people in Ukraine and Russia celebrate the Defender of the Fatherland Day which used to be called the Day of the Soviet Army. » Read more..

Get ready for St. Valentine’s Day!

Diana, 20years old, Ukraine

The most romantic time of the year is coming soon! St. Valentine’s Day! Time when you can confess your deepest feelings, show your affection and open your heart to your beloved! Fragrance of love go with this day!

Slavic people had never celebrated St. Valentine’s Day but now it’s essential holiday in Ukraine and Russia! Do you know why we celebrate this Day? » Read more..

Vareniki – one of the most famous Ukrainian dish

Vareniki – one of the most famous Ukrainian dish

It’s hard to imagine Ukrainian life without vareniki (or pierogi – the polish name). Some foreigners don’t understand why everybody in Ukraine are so obsessed with vareniki, cause according to them “they are just the dumpling-like pastry of unleavened dough with different stuffing”. But for Ukrainians vareniki are magic dish, I would say that they represent the Ukrainian soul – seemed to be simple outside but very rich and deep inside. » Read more..