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The Beauty Of Ukraine – Podollya!

It is the end of the summer and autumn is coming. And the best place in Ukraine for greeting autumn is Podillya, the center of our country with moderate climate and fabulous nature. Let’s make acquaintance with the heart of Ukrainian Podillya – the National Natural Park “Podilsky Tovtry”!

The National Park “Podilsky Tovtry” is located in Khmelnytsky region of Ukraine (in the western part of country) and has the area more than 250 sq. km. A very long time ago “Tovtry” – rocky cambered ridge – were the coral reefs along the ancient coastline. This ridge is similar to the Australian Great Barrier Reef but Tovtry is much smaller and are located completely on a dry land. Nowadays the altitude of this massif is near the 500 m. » Read more..

Trip On Photo-Safari… To Ukraine!

If you always dreamed to take part in safari you can make your dreams come true not only in Africa. There is a really beautiful place that preserved a primeval nature with different and rare kind of wild animals and plants in Ukraine. Here in a picturesque Biosphere Reserve Askaniya Nova you may take part in engrossing Ukrainian Photo-Safari!

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The Most Beautiful Ukrainian Fountains

Probably August will be the hottest month of this summer in Ukraine. In such sunny and torrid days people often look for some coolness in the shadows of the trees or near the fountains. So let’s talk about the most famous and beautiful fountains that you may find in Ukraine.


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Indescribable Ukrainian Mountains

Cannot you wait to visit Crimea, this enchanting peninsula? Want you to explore historical monuments and beautiful sights? Would you like to climb the breathtaking mountains of Ukraine? They are as beautiful and gorgeous as the Ukrainian ladies. Don’t you get to know them all? So you are welcome!

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What About Great Crimean Adventure?

Are you going to go to Ukraine this summer? Ladies from Step2Love wait for you here!

Lovely Ukrainian ladies are ready to meet you in Crimea, beautiful Ukrainian peninsula, surrounded by the Black and Azov Seas. Here you will know how warm and delicate can be the sea waves, how picturesque and colorful can be rocks and grottoes, how pleasant can be the beach and how beautiful can be local ladies in their summer dresses and swimsuits! » Read more..

Welcome to the Nikitskiy Botanical Garden!

A new week is coming and we are still there. Dreaming about the rest? So if you plan for your vacation or just would like to spend your holidays or a weekend with a gorgeous Ukrainian lady, you should know about the most attractive Crimean must-sees. You are welcoming to visit the hospitable Crimean sightseeing and so let’s start to know more about them.




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Unforgettable Crimea!

Hi everyone! It’s near weekends and we are glad to enjoy you with the next portion of the interesting information about exciting places of Ukraine. There are hot sun, turquoise see and lots, no LOTS of bikini, tankini, monokini or camikini. You quite guessed, today you know better about the most mysterious and romantic place of Ukraine. It’s all about Crimea. » Read more..

Sofievka – In Memory Of Great Love Story

What could you do in the name of love to your dearest lady from Step2Love? Heroic actions, flowers to her feet, romantic songs under her window, get her a star from the sky as a gift… But the hero of this story presented to his beloved an amazing fairytale from her motherland that came true in Ukraine!

Count Stanisław Potocky, a famous and rich Polish magnate, had extensive estates in Ukraine. Once at the dance he met a smart and wonderful lady, a daughter of a Greek merchant, Sofia Glyavone-Vitt – and fell madly in love with her. He almost lost his head and even didn’t took into account that both of them were married on that moment.

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Bukovel Ski-and-Spa Resort

Well, were you bored waiting for the next piece of information? Here is it and today we are dealing with a story about a ski- and spa-resort of Bukovel. Learn and find out more about this charming place of nature.

Sure, relaxing on a white-sand beach and aqua-blue waters is suitable for many, but for others it’s the sky and spa adventures, that spells paradise. Are you one of them? » Read more..

The most exotic must-sees in the Crimea

Nestled in the south of Ukraine, between the Black and Azov Seas, the Crimea is famous for its mountains, beaches, resorts and sightseeing. The stone beaches and exotic subtropical nature in Crimea make this peninsula the real earthly paradise. But the Crimea is a wonderful area with the lots of spots to see as well as its beaches and resorts. So if you have some time, you’ll be seriously impressed with the wonderful sights and the top exotic places that the Crimea has to offer. » Read more..