TOUR GUIDE. What to See in Cherkassy (Part1)

This city is unique by the only White Lotus Buddhist temple in Europe, the hyperboloid Shukhov’s tower. So, about where you can go in Cherkassy, what is interesting about this city, we will tell in our review.

1. The Rose Valley Park

Here usually city events and holidays take place. Here you can sit on the bench, near one of the decorative lakes with fountains. Or look at the vast expanses of the Kremenchuk’s reservoir on the bank of which the park is stretched. The main Attraction of “Valley of Roses” is the original sundial. The arrow of the 15-meter dial is the silhouette of the crane, and figures – 12 chairs, located in a circle.
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Wedding dates for the lunar calendar 2017

The lunar calendar of 2017 is able to bring a lot of happiness to the young family, if you choose the right date of the wedding . Remember that, despite the beautiful dates, you can not marry in the days of fasting and large church holidays.
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TOUR GUIDE. What to See in Kremenchuk

There are not very many historical sights in Kremenchug. But in Kremenchug it is possible to take many pictures with cheerful monuments and fascinating panoramas.

1. Bridge across the Dnipro river

For Kremenchuk this is the same visiting card as the Eiffel Tower for Paris or Big Ben for London. The bridge is on all the paintings devoted to the city, on all posters and book covers. From here you can see beautiful views of the river, city beach, green islands. Particularly impressive are the landscapes at sunset. Well, a bit of extreme in addition: when on the bridge are going trains or trucks, you feel that it just “walks” under your feet. This attraction will be 70 years old soon.
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Weekly LOVE Horoscope for 17-23 of July

The relationship can become unpredictable and very whirlwind. Fire signs begin to rush things and make mistakes. Water signs are better to consciously take a pause and think what they really want from a partner. Representatives of Air signs do not cease to amaze everyone with the non-standard approach to a situation. And the signs of the Earth are increasingly thinking over the hidden sides of a love affair.
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7 Ways to Make Your Wedding Ceremony Unique

Do you want your ceremony to be original and special? Step2Love has prepared for you some interesting ideas that will help make it truly unique and unforgettable!
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TOUR GUIDE. What to see in Dnipro (Part2)

Check the Part 1 of our Tour Guide for more interesting places!

1. Quay

To be in Dnipro and not visit the famous embankment of the Dnipro River is inexcusable. This is one of the most beautiful places in the city, besides the Quay is considered to be the longest in Europe – about 30 km. Here are concentrated many different sculptures and monuments, flowers and trees, cafes and restaurants. There you can sit on the longest in Ukraine 50-meter “family” bench. The Quay is especially beautiful in the evening, so no one has a question, where to go in Dnipro in the evening.
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20 Things that Await you Right after the Wedding

After the wedding, you still have a number of things that you should not forget to do. To make your family life start without too much stress and worries, read our list!
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TOUR GUIDE. What to See in Kharkiv (Part2)

1. Cascade

In preparation for the 300th anniversary of the city in 1955, a cascade ladder was built in the western part of Shevchenko’s garden. A fountain flowed along the cascade, and from the upper observation platform a picturesque view of the valley of the Lopan River opened. The fountain still works.
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TOUR GUIDE. What to See in Dnipro (Part1)

The first association with Dnipro is an industrial city. All this is true, but there is another side of the city on the Dnipro river. These are beautiful parks, modern avenues and boulevards, a lot of various museums and theaters.

1. Monastery Island

This is the most romantic and mysterious attraction. This is one of the most popular places among the townspeople and visitors of the city. The decoration of the island is the snow-white Nikolaev’s church, built in 1999. Its gilded dome is visible from different points of the city. You can get to the island by the pedestrian bridge,another option to get to the island is by high-speed trolls. So you will get to a new observation deck, from which a beautiful panorama of the city opens.
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All Truth About Women’s Nightwear. Part 2

In the first part of the article we started to reveal the secrets of definition og woman’s nature by her nightwear. A woman’s soul is so mysterious and elusive thing that every man faces a situation of being helpless when it needs to amaze, conquer and solve his woman’s mind.
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