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The Language Of Flowers

In all ages people loved flowers for their beauty and wonderful fragrance. Colorful green plants were used for decoration of costumes and hats, houses and streets. Troubadours composed songs about flowers, comparing their charm with delicate female beauty.

Ladies always loved flowers very much and still do it, without reference to their age or skin color. If you’d like to pleasure to any your acquainted lady – or to your special lady from Step2Love – just send her flowers.

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12 Interesting Facts about Kisses

One of the proverbs says: “Life is the gift of nature, Love is the gift of life, a Kiss is the gift of Love”. But do we know absolutely everything about kisses? Hope you will like the little known facts about kisses and find the Russian lady whose kisses will be the most desirable for you!


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Romantic Photo-Story Of Your Love

Every lady from Step2Love likes a lot to be photographed. Professional photography saves the most magnificent moments of our life and makes them even more bright and colorful. Lady’s beauty, captivating smile and carefree mood stay on the snapshot as a wonderful butterfly under the glass, forever keeping their charm. So ladies who keep their forms and take care of their appearance, love professional photo sessions very much.

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Trend color: mint


Hey everyone! It is the middle of the summer, so let’s dream about colors at the very height of this insufferably hot season. The point in hand will be mainly about summer 2013 fashion trend colors and, of course, about our lovely Ukrainian trendy girls. Then things get even more interesting – see them below! » Read more..

Everyone has his own talent!

In our childhood we all were dreaming of becoming astronauts, famous artists, singers, professional footballers. And while we grow up we try to develop some skills, which we might need in future. Some people can realize themselves in the profession of their dreams. But what about others? Aren’t they talented enough? » Read more..

The Questions You Should Discuss

At the beginning of relationship your future after the wedding with your beloved looks serene and happy. But some problems may appear even at the first year of your life together. If some of them are insignificant, the others may destroy your marriage. So you’d better take an advantage of Online Datings like Step2Love and discuss some important questions before you will have the disputes with your future spouse because of them. » Read more..

Do You Have A Reason To Smile? Smile Anyway!

Smile is the most simple emotion to recognition so even infants react to mother’s smile since the first days. And scientists can offer you some reasons why you need to smile more often, like ladies on Step2Love do it.

Even if you’re in a bad mood, smile will make you happy

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Do You Have Your Warm Memories About Summer Ukraine?

Summer Ukraine is an amazing place: soft climate of the Northern and Western Ukraine let you enjoy a pleasant warm weather and hot sunny days in the Southern Ukraine invite you to spend all day long on the beach. Traditionally Ukrainian ladies spend their holidays on the seashore, so if you still look for a good place to spend your vacation with your special lady, you may take your decision with Step2Love! » Read more..

Pets in lady’s life

Most of us had some pets in childhood and if not, we were dreaming of it. Ukrainian ladies are known as very kind and gentle, so they know how to look after their pets and how to bring happiness and love to their hearts. All pets: cats, dogs, parrots, hamsters and others need to be loved and cared about. That is why our ladies try their best in this case. » Read more..

Learn More about Your Russian Bride: Blood Group Determines Personality

Have you ever thought that the choice of your beloved may depend not only on her appearance and character but also on the blood group? According to the scientists, our blood group says a lot about our character, so people should check the compatibility of their blood group to know more about each other.

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