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National Pina Colada Day

Hey, July is filled up with light-hearted holidays and today it’s Pina Colada Day! Yesterday we honored sugar cookies, let’s give its’ own to Pina Colada today. This island cocktail is refreshing and fruity, and no matter where you are – blend the pineapple juice, rum and coconut cream and drink it all up. It’s a perfect way to enjoy this all-time favorite dreaming about to sit on a sandy white beach and to relax. The pina colada has become the official beverage of Puerto Rico since 1978. You will remember, Rupert Holmes inscribed even a song to this tropical drink, “If you like Pina Coladas (And getting caught in the rain!)”. In fact, the Pina Colada is today considered to be the most recognized tropical rum drink of all time. » Read more..

Sugar Cookie Day

July has a plenty of “sweet days”. The month is but begun and we offer you to stay with us. Sea of useful and funny information, smart, livable and beautiful Russian ladies keep you company and wait for you this hot sweet month.

You can’t stop eating it. It’s delicious and yummy, but simply plain. It’s easy to make – you need just six ingredients for it (Give you a clue – sugar, butter, flour, eggs, baking powder and vanilla). » Read more..

Happy Birthday America!

Then join hand in hand, brave Americans all!

By uniting we stand, by dividing we fall.

 ~John Dickinson

Feeling patriotic? Remembering all this – Dixie and Yankee Doodle Dandy, parades and fireworks, stars and stripes, National Flag colors everywhere, Let Freedom Ring and Justice for All. We know all this since we were children and all this we love once for all time. » Read more..

The 150th anniversary of the Battle at Gettysburg

The 3rd of July usually runs in the preparations to the tomorrow public celebrations. People decorate their houses with ornate wreaths in patriotic style, hanging stars and stripes, all red, white and blue colors, hang flags, buy fireworks, are in the middle of prepping for parades, carnivals and wait for Yankee Doodle Dandy. Tomorrow we will look up to the sky and think about sweet land of Liberty, land of the free where united we stand. It will be tomorrow, but today let’s remember as was the case. » Read more..

The first Wimbledon championship

Need starting your Monday morning cheery and and gamely? How about purple and dark green colors, strict dress code, traditional strawberries and cream (Served in punnets of not less than 10 berries and fresh cream, and every strawberry is of the highest quality grown at the county of Kent) – and stunning comebacks, alleys and serves, dramatic wins and fantastic tournament of Wimbledon? Pretty good week starting, isn’t it? » Read more..

The Eve of Ivana Kupala: Find Your Fern Flower and Love of Slavic Woman

The eve of Ivana Kupala find your fern flower and love of Slavic woman -1

Are you ready to jump over the fire to find love? Or to look for a fern flower to find treasures? If yes, you can be a participant of the ancient Slavic holiday with a lot of interesting traditions. And maybe you will find your Russian woman at the day of the summer equinox. » Read more..

Father’s Day

fathers day banner

Mother’s Day is in past, now dads have their turn and it’s time to think of them! Sunday, June 16, is an occasion to honor dads and fatherhood. It’s a golden opportunity to focus on fathers, brothers, grandfathers, fathers-in-law, great-grandfathers and other male relatives and to spend some time with them. Millions of people marks Father’s Day to do justice to their dads and the role of fathers in society at all.

» Read more..

Flag Day – National Anniversary!

Flag USA

Today- the 14th of June- The United States celebrates Flag Day- is a national holiday, the anniversary of the Flag Resolution of 1777, the day for commemoration the American flag’s adoption and the day to honor it! It’s a special day in life of every American the same as any other national holiday such as Memorial Day, Independence Day etc. Many people around the country honor US Flag with displaying it on public buildings and homes. » Read more..

World Blood Donor Day Is Today

World Blood Donor Day Is Today

World Heath Organization declared 14th of June a World Blood Donor Day. That was done for attracting people’s attention to the blood donation.

It is not necessary to explain how important it is, to donate blood: in all over the world every day many people get to the accidents, lose a lot of blood and need an urgent blood transfusion. » Read more..

Vyshyvanka – The Best Folk Souvenir From Ukraine

Vyshyvanka – the best souvenir from Ukraine

The embroidered shirt or vyshyvanka is one of the symbols of Ukraine. Handmade and decorated with original patterns with deep meanings it symbolizes the traditional generosity and hospitality of the Ukrainian people and the skills of hard working Ukrainian women.  » Read more..