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Teddy Bear Day! Congratulate your Ukrainian Lady with a Tight Hug of Plush Toy on 9th of September!

Team of Step2Love is happy to tell you about such a plush holiday as a Teddy Bear Day! All world will celebrate this day on 9st of September. We want to give you some advises in advance how you can please your Ukrainian bride, stay in her thoughts every minute as she is at home and give her the new family member that will union your and her in a strong couple.

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Happy Labor Day on Step2Love: Save 20% of Text Chat only on this Holiday!

This year on the 4th of September USA and Canada celebrate Labor Day!
This day is dedicated to working Americans. The Holiday is also considered as unofficial End of the Summer in United States.
Step2Love wants to congratulate our dear members with such important Day.
Only on Labor Day we give you great opportunity to Save 20% from Text Chat during the holiday. We return 20% of credits spending on Text Chat with our Gorgeous Ladies.
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JOIN! Ukrainian Brides Enjoy Lazy Mom’s Day on the 1st of September

As you know family is the one of the most precious value for Slavic people. Ukrainian women love their children very much and are ready to spend all their free time with them. But endlessly sitting at home, putting things in order and watching cartoons turn the happiest time of life (childhood) into unbearable routine. Therefore, the team of Step2Love asked ourselves how to spend the special holiday Lazy Mom’s Day with the child in an interesting, rich and varied manner.

In this article we have collected the best ideas for shared time-spending that you can propose to your Slavic bride who has kids. Most of these ideas do not burden your pocket at all but will give you and your lady with kids warmth and joy of communication between adults and children.
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Independence Day in Ukraine: Top-5 Ideas Where To Spend This Grand Celebration With Your Beloved Lady

On August 24, Ukraine celebrates the Most Significant Holiday for the Country – Independence Day. This is an excellent occasion to congratulate our Beautiful Sexy Ladies with this Holiday of Freedom and Independence.
These days in Ukraine there will be official Days Off. And You can spend this time with your Beloved Woman. Step2Love prepared 5 Ideas Where to Celebrate Independence Day of Ukraine 2017.
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20th of August – World Fashion Day on Step2Love

Her Majesty Fashion! Someone scolds It, someone worships It. Some consider themselves independent of it, others find in it the meaning of their lives. People are divided into those who adopt fashion and those who deny it, trying to move against the passage of time. In any case, the Fashion Industry takes a weighty place in people’s lives. And to deny this fact is simply impossible.
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Happy Clicking! Celebrating World Photography Day

On August 19, the world celebrates World Photography Day.
Step2Love joins the world’s congratulations and is proud of its involvement in one of the most creative holidays on the planet! For our part, we promise to continue to inspire the beauty, but for now, let’s talk about the significant holiday of all who know how to look at the world’s beauty.
Some of our beautiful brides have amazing professions. Being photographer doesn’t mean to be able just to click, but fist of all it points the photographer’s ability to see the beauty in ordinary things.
On this day Ukrainian brides want to greet you and share how they see the world through the vision of their profession:

“My best wishes to all photographers in this world on the occasion of World Photography Day today! Click more and enjoy by it!”
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