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6th of October — World Smile Day

“From a smile a gloomy day is lighter …”. And indeed, the smile can make wonder, it infects the positive around everybody. There is even a Holiday devoted to Smile.

World Smile Day is celebrated throughout the planet on the first Friday in October every year, starting in 1999. Date in 2017 is October 6. On this day, flash mobs, all kinds of actions and events are held.
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Top-4 Incredibly Simple Ways to be a Perfect Husband

The recipe for real strong relationships is surprisingly simple – that’s what the married women we interviewed say. It’s all about small things.
Step2Love will gladly share this secret with You!
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World Teacher’s Day on 5th of October

Profession of a teacher is not very popular in Slavic countries. First of all because of the low salary. Even after years of studying, young people do not hurry to work as a teacher. However, despite everything, Slavic countries are rich in real talented teachers who are not frightened by daily hard work, tension, insane responsibility.
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2nd of October — International Doctor’s Day

Every year on the first Monday of October in many countries celebrate the International Doctor’s Day, which is considered the day of solidarity and active action of doctors around the world. After all, the main goal of a doctor of any nationality is to improve and preserve the health of patients.

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Sweet October: Top-5 Places to visit in Ukraine this Autumn

October is the time when the summer is already over, and the winter is ahead, but nature still bestows last warm, fair days. In these days people need so much romance, joy from communicating with beloved ones.

Step2Love prepared for you Top-5 Places where you can spend your time with our Beautiful Sexy Ladies in Ukraine.
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New Ladies of the Week: Open Your Heart for Unforgettable Emotions

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30th of September — International Translation Day

Every year on September 30, many countries celebrate the professional holiday of interpreters and translators – International Translation Day! “Post horses of progress” – that’s how figuratively Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin called translators. The significance of their profession in the life of all mankind since the destruction of the tower of Babel is huge, although imperceptibly. But without translators, many works of literature and cinema, the achievements of science and technology would be inaccessible, people from different countries could not communicate with each other.
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World Tourism Day! Arrange Your Memorable Trip to Ukraine With Step2Love

The World Tourism Day is celebrated by all travelers on September 27. This holiday was started by members of the World Tourism Organization. The date of the founding of the World Tourism Day is September 27, 1979.

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Psychology of Ukrainian Women. What Do Women Want? (Part 3)

Team of one of the best dating site Step2Love was considering mysterious woman’s soul in purpose to find desirable answer for you. First part of this article you can find here, second part – here.
Now is the time for satisfaction of your curiosity. So what is really in woman’s mind when she is in relations with you? What are her thoughts about?
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