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The National Nut Day is knocking into your door! Will you open?

Olesya 36 years old Ukraine Nikolaev

Olesya 36 years old Ukraine Nikolaev

Dietitians keep telling us that nuts are an important part of any appropriate and healthy diet. And they recommend eating them at least from time to time. Our team of Step2Love collected several facts from scientists about the benefits of nuts for men and women.
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Friday the 13th: Beautiful Sexy Witches Are Waiting for You

Today is Friday the 13th! One of the most eerie days of the year!
Long since this date is considered to be a Witches Day. It is said that on this day, misfortune persecutes ordinary mortals… But if on that day you are lucky, then most likely you have supernatural abilities! Do you want to test this theory? Our Beautiful Sexy Witches will help you with this!
Spend this mysterious eerie evening with our Gorgeous Lonely Ladies on Step2Love.

Be sure, there will be Hot!

World Egg Day! Ask Your Slavic Lady about Her Special Egg Dish!

World Egg Day is traditionally celebrated on the second Friday of October. This holiday is known all over the world and gives an opportunity to tell everyone about the benefits of eggs.
Our team enjoys by celebrating every holiday, especially when the holiday is so useful for our clients and influences their health in a good way. We created a special list of reasons why you can’t miss this holiday!
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World Teacher’s Day on 5th of October

Profession of a teacher is not very popular in Slavic countries. First of all because of the low salary. Even after years of studying, young people do not hurry to work as a teacher. However, despite everything, Slavic countries are rich in real talented teachers who are not frightened by daily hard work, tension, insane responsibility.
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2nd of October — International Doctor’s Day

Every year on the first Monday of October in many countries celebrate the International Doctor’s Day, which is considered the day of solidarity and active action of doctors around the world. After all, the main goal of a doctor of any nationality is to improve and preserve the health of patients.

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30th of September — International Translation Day

Every year on September 30, many countries celebrate the professional holiday of interpreters and translators – International Translation Day! “Post horses of progress” – that’s how figuratively Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin called translators. The significance of their profession in the life of all mankind since the destruction of the tower of Babel is huge, although imperceptibly. But without translators, many works of literature and cinema, the achievements of science and technology would be inaccessible, people from different countries could not communicate with each other.
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17th of September – Wife Appreciation Day

On the third Sunday in September World celebrates Wife Appreciation Day. It’s kind and very important Holiday for every Family. This is Annual Event is very popular in many countries. This Day gives husbands a chance to demonstrate just how much they love and appreciate their wife.
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Blow Up Her Taste! Your Private Party on International Chocolate Day!

The flame of candles mildly light the most priceless face of your beloved woman in front of you, the mount of different kinds of chocolate hypnotize your sense of smell, teasing and promising the memorable tasting of divine sweetness. You reach out your hand wishing to give the most pleasurable feelings to your lady by putting the piece of chocolate on her tongue. Ask her to wait and feel how the luxurious taste is opening all its shadows and accents. Look into the reflection of flame in her eyes and soak up her discovers of taste at the same time with her.

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International Teddy Bear Day! Make her a Special Surprise!

Sat 9th Sep 2017 will be… Teddy Bear Day! Make a nice Surprise for your beloved lady and make her feel happy and satisfied with your attention and affection! Choose any of the nice gift sets and get a Teddy with 50% discount! Wow!


What Do Smart Ukrainian Brides Read on a Book Day?

The team of the one of the best dating websites, Step2Love, conducted the survey among our gorgeous brides. We offer you to answer the same questions and don’t forget to ask them to your beloved half whom you have found on our website.

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