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Hunting in Ukraine: Entertainment for the Real Men

Hunting in Ukraine: Entertainment for the Real Men

Autumn is coming. And the hunting season will be opened soon in Ukraine. Such an extreme kind of rest is for brave men who loves danger and adrenaline buzz. If you hate beaches and walks, if you prefer active and risky rest, you will definitely like autumn hunting in Ukraine! » Read more..

Coffee Fest – September 2013

Can you remember the last time when started your day without daily cup of coffee? Do you need a caffeine fix in the morning to get you moving? Prefer Coffee Ice Cream or gourmet coffee drinks instead of plain ice cream or tea? You are true coffee fan and information below may be useful for you. And you have the chance to combine the useful with the pleasant and get wants and needs met. Coffee Fest! Just in September! So what about inviting your gorgeous Ukrainian bride to Coffee Fest and enjoying your favorite drink? » Read more..

National Raspberry Cake Day

Yum-yum, Raspberry Cake! So tasty and sweet, so delicious is it whether you are eating it with a cup of coffee, with some ice-cream or plain cake! Today we celebrate National Raspberry Cake Day and those who have much of a sweet tooth could enjoy with a piece of new-baked raspberry cake.

There are many amazing versions of raspberry cake to have it. You can use an easy recipe of Raspberry Buttermilk Cake or try your hand at more difficult Downeast Raspberry Cake, rather light and topped with fresh raspberries.

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A Saxophone – a symbol of Jazz Age

A Saxophone - a symbol of Jazz Age

Hey, listen! Do you hear these sweet sounds? It has an excellent tone, it plays well, it’s the very bitchin velvety saxophone solo. These sounds sink into heart and stay there forever. You’re on your own, you are that you are Duke Ellington’s band, Candy Dulfer or Vangelis Love Theme from Blade Runner. Sax will never die! » Read more..

A Wednesday in Baseball

A Wednesday in Baseball

Has your father ever taken you to a baseball game? What is your earliest baseball memory? Was it a brilliant sun or roar of the crowd, ice-cream cones or amazing home runs? And later, this feeling like “on the favorite team”, “Let’s go!” calls, collecting baseball cards and reading player stats on the backs, World Series, Opening Day? Training camps, starts and runs, catch and blocks, PeeGee league, grandslams and shortstops? All things that make baseball as it is. » Read more..

What is Matryoshka doll?

Matryoshka Doll-symbol of Russian brides-1

Some information about the symbol of Russian brides
Have you ever heard about Matryoshka doll, one of the symbols of Russia and Russian folk art? The unusual painted wooden dolls appeared not in ancient times as many people think, but in the late XIX century, a period of rapid economic and cultural development. The author of the first sketchers of Matryoshka, S.V.Malyutin(1859-1937) was one of the active founders and promoters of “Russian style”, a movement for the revival and development of Russian traditions. » Read more..

The main features of celebration Christmas in Ukraine and America

Christmas in Ukraine and America

Christmas in Ukraine and America – what’s the difference?
Christmas is a magical time, when you could feel like a child again and wait for the presents directly from Santa. But Ukraine and America have some differences in Christmas celebration.

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